5 Bullets on Health

–Health Product I’m Testing:

You may have one yourself or heard about it- the oura ring. I’ve had one for a while, but recently found it useful for the following reasons: I used it to become a more efficient sleeper (you can’t improve what you don’t measure). And for females, I’ve been told that the period tracker works effectively as an alternative to traditional birth control pills. 

–Health insight:

In case you don’t already know: It’s during your deep sleep cycles that you clear out the toxic proteins in your brain. So make sure to get quality deep sleep. 

–Noteworthy Health News:

The lead star for the movie Thor, Chris Hemsworth, discovered not too long ago he has a high risk of Alzheimer’s. Why does that matter? It raises awareness about genetic testing and the disease overall.

–What I’m reading or reviewing:

Check this book out if you’re interested in learning about the brain’s immune cells, a scientific topic related to the company (Modulo Bio) I mentioned above.

The Angel and the Assassin: The Tiny Brain Cell That Changed the Course of Medicine.  

–Quote I thought about recently:

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.” – Buddha

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