Is it Worth it? A wearable that lowers anxiety and may improve sleep.

by Jeremy Cotter

I was one of the first to test the Apollo Neuro as I felt it my duty. My goal is to give you a quick, no-nonsense review of the Apollo to help you evaluate if it makes sense for you. Here’s a breakdown of what you get today:


I. Quick Take

II. Pro’s

III. Cons


It feels a little like a cat purring, which by itself is relaxing. It could give you a slight edge in optimizing your health, similar to how a short meditation session could help. Was it a gamechanger for me, and did I feel like I couldn’t go without it? No, but that doesn’t mean it may not have benefits for you. If you’re trouble overcoming anxiety, it may be worth it. Want to try it? Get a $40 discount by contacting me through this home page of YouRise.


Imagine you could wear a device that lowered your anxiety, and in the process potentially even improved your sleep…..that’s the idea.

Published scientific literature

The Apollo is doing its best to validate its efffect on a certain part of your health. It works by helping you improve your heart rate variability, a leading indicator of health. It has shown statistically significant (p<0.05) positive results in double-blind randomized placebo-controlled crossover trials, the most rigorous form of clinical trial.

Easy to wear and comfortable

It’s as easy as slipping on a band around your wrist or ankle.

Straightforward and intuitive

Once you set it up, the device and app are straightforward enough.

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For some, the $349 price tag is going to be an issue. For others who want to make an investment that could potentially optimize their health, they may not mind. It comes down to how much money you feel comfortable spending on something like this.

Hard to feel its effect

It may be hard to notice its effect, even if it does have a positive impact on your health.

One more device to charge

These days, I’m trying to reduce the number of devices I charge. This adds one more.

One tool, among others

Keep in mind there’s a lot of other ways to lower anxiety and fall asleep, and this is just one of them. Deep breathing is an example. Of course, the convenience factor here is that you can use it while doing something else.

Hope that helps! Just get in touch if you have any questions.


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