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  • This Months' Product Review - 

    The Apollo Neuro Wearable

    We give you a quick, no-nonsense objective review.

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    The Pro's can be summarized as follows: it's easy to wear, and it has shown some scientifically verified results in improving sleep and lowering anxiety.

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    First, keep in mind there’s a lot of ways to lower anxiety and fall asleep that don’t require a wearable. Next, it may be hard to notice its effect, even if it does have a positive impact on your health. My experience with it: It felt a little like a cat purring, which by itself is relaxing. Was it a gamechanger for me, and did I feel like I couldn’t go without it? No, but that doesn’t mean it may not have benefits for you. If you have anxiety or trouble sleeping, it may be worth it. Want to try it? Get a $40 discount by contacting us.

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    Our Founder - Jeremy Cotter

    Jeremy worked for Google and is a former state champion runner. Since the age of 19, he helped grow over a dozen early-stage tech companies, with an emphasis on health, building a consistent track record of success. He graduated from Duke University with honors.

    He cares deeply about human health.

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    "Your Genetic Code and Life Hacks" (Ryan and Jeremy)

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    1. Genetics & Cancer - understanding more

    2. Stories from the early days at Google & related hacks

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